Hello There




…you see I have this ‘thing’ about shooting weddings and couples.


Weddings are a special type of intimacy where you’re at the centre of a big warm hug of love from all of your friends and family. I’m the girl who gets the OMG OMG OMG to be part of a couple’s wedding – particularly for those times where you step away from the hubbub and in to each other’s arms. I promise you will always have fun with me and no awkwardness… In addition to weddings, photographing family’s connects me to awesome clients like you, and also, it connects me to the crazy creativity inside me.

I first picked up a camera as a teen. I loved to develop film photos in the school darkroom — the way you would wait and wait and the ‘magic’ would appear on the paper. But then I moved to a town where I could no longer access a darkroom and, as it does, life got in the way!

I picked up a camera again after the first of my three children was born. Yes, it was now a digital camera, but I found that the creative fire still burned brightly inside me. I especially loved learning to drive my canon while documenting my daughter’s first wobbly footsteps and the way her thick black hair gradually turned blonde.

More about me… I met my husband on Tinder (yes I did!) you will never find me with a coffee in my hand, more of tea kind of gal! Drink wise.. definitely a cold beer! I have three beautiful children who rock my world and you may see me constantly post about them :) I am based in Shepparton Victoria but I’m a water girl so you will always find me close to river, ocean or backyard pool! Totally laid back chick but stress head when it comes to perfection of something! Weird I know?

At my sessions, I like to chill out with my couples, you want a beer I’m ya gal!! I’m there to make your wedding day calm and easy. No stressheads or bridezillas!

Chatterbox is what I am… I love to find out your stories and tell you mine. And even though they’re things you can’t see, it’s true that empathy and honesty makes for beautiful photographs to treasure forever.

I’d be honoured to photograph your love or your special day – you can check out my FAQs or get in touch and let’s do this!