Should we catch up before booking ? 

We most certainly can do! You’re always welcome to pop down to my home in Shepparton, otherwise we can meet at a café, bar, or whatever tickles your fancy. I know like a number of my clients, this isn’t always possible due to people living interstate & overseas, in which case we can organise a Skype date one day / evening if thats suits you.




What do you think of engagement shoots ? 

I offer a complimentary pre wedding / engagement shoot with any weddings booked with me. That way you get to know me and I get to know you guys! Cuts out the super awkwardness on your special day and you are more comfortable with a camera in your face. These normally takes place at least a couple of weeks or months before your day!




How many images can we expect back

Depending on the package you pick, You can expect between 300-700 high resolution, carefully edited JPG images for you to keep, plus small versions that are perfect for sharing online. You can share, copy print and post the photos to your heart’s content. Absolutely no watermarks, no encryptions they are yours to keep & use as you wish. These are then kept online on backup for 2 years, however is it highly recommended that you download and store them somewhere safe.




Do you have a backup photographer ?

If for some reason (which thankfully has never occurred yet) I am unable to make it to document your day, I have couple of additional photographers that I have worked with in the past and always delivered constantly great images. Any work in this circumstance would still be edited by myself.  It would take something pretty spectacular for me not to be there, but rest assured, I have all bases covered.




Do we get access to the unedited RAW files ?

Unfortunately I do not give away the un-edited RAW negatives. The editing is as much as part of the service as the photography itself. A great deal of effort goes in to ensure that your photos are presented as best as they possibly can to ensure they remain consistent throughout the day. The best analogy I have heard is "It’s like a chef providing you with ingredients to bake a cake, you can have all of the ingredients, but it'l never taste the same". 




When can we expect to receive our photos ?

I always place a couple of shots up on my various social media platforms the next day so that you & your friends & family have something to check out straight away. After that you can usually expect your edited images back in 4-8 weeks. I will of course keep you up to date. You will receive them in an online gallery and then I will post out a USB.




When is the best time to schedule our portraits ?

The best time for location shots is where the sun is a little lower in the sky. During the middle of the day through to mid afternoon when the sun is at its highest often yields a much less desirable result. Late afternoon tends to be the best time for photos particularly the last hour before sunset. If you’d like to chat to me about getting the most of out your photos / day, please do, I will always provide you with the most frank advice.




What about bad weather ?

Every now and again mother nature can be a cruel, sometimes this happens to fall on someones wedding day. This might come as quite a shock but I relish the opportunity to shoot in testing conditions. Some of the best shots I have ever taken have been on some of the cold or extremely hot days!