The answers to all those questions!




Most people think that outdoor family photos need to take place in a green park because its almost as popular as anything! STOP...... This is about you and your family! What is unique about your family to others? 

I have locations galore up my sleeve when it comes to photographing families outdoors - HUGE open fields, fruit orchards, plantations, forests, rivers, farms, marine sanctuaries, beach boxes, piers, mountains, the urban backdrop of your capital city.  The sky is the limit and I treat every session as a choose-your-own-adventure.  I love new locations were I can exercise my creative muscles so feel free to suggest something that will be perfect for your family.

My very favourite place to photograph families, however, is in there home.

There is nowhere on earth that is more comfortable for you that your own home, snuggled up on your own bed with your babies who have climbed in there with you a million times throughout their little lives.  They have all their favourite toys and stories at the ready, you can bake, make pancakes, jump on the trampoline and the family dog can even be included. In your home, I can really capture you in your environment and show you just how beautiful your everyday is.  

It can be a tough thing to decide, so think it through. Your location provides the backdrop for your images, so make it somewhere that is meaningful to your family. 


Please note that I only photograph newborns and young babies at home.


Ummm... What do we wear??

This is the most common question I am asked!  First of all - aim for comfortable and something that reflects you.  You don't want to feel anything but an Rockstar in your Session. 

I always say COORDINATE, but don't be matchy matchy. Think complimenting colours. Pinterest is great if your getting stuck...   

Please please don't dress everyone in WHITE SHIRTS AND JEANS.  Avoid large brand names scrawled across clothing - this can be so distracting and it can date your images in years to come!.

Think neutral with some pops of colour. Think TEXTURES, fun, interesting, REAL.  With my own family I buy my outfit first then pick colours from my dress or top and go from there.


Next Steps...

So what happens at the actual session?

I usually arrive with my camera, kick my shoes off and ask for a tour of your home, or together we explore the outdoor location to find the best spot. 

Here we will chat, go over the details we have discussed, I'll become BFF's with your kiddos, I'll get familiar with the space, the light and I'll give you a run down of the shot list and my plan for your session.  At every session I follow the lead of the youngest kid - eg. if there is a toddler running around, they are boss for the day.  Older kids and adults tend to be a tad more flexible!  I have a loose order in which I shoot but I will change that up if I need to.  I give direction and guidance to a point, such as positioning you in the best light, asking you to look at each other, set up games and cuddles etc but mostly I am just creating a space and opportunities for connections to happen naturally.  Most sessions take around 1.5-2 hours.

When will we get our photos?

You will receive a password-protected, online gallery within two weeks of your session.  Here you will be able to view 30 images from your session.  You will be able to download them in web size or high res.